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Paper umbrellas have a history of nearly a thousand years. The late Tang Dynasty was introduced from the Central Plains, and gradually formed a unique style. The craft is elegant, the modelling is beautiful, the light durable, the place color is rich, with the tire-off lacquerware, the angle comb is called "the three treasures". The umbrella bone is made of old bamboo, which is strictly worth-proof, mildew proof, anticorrosive and painted with black lacquer. The umbrella surface is made of special grade cotton paper, which is refined by several processes, such as moth-proof, embossed paper, painted flowers, oiled, assembled and so on. It can be divided into five categories: painted flower umbrella, oil painting flower umbrella, bright oil umbrella, calligraphy umbrella and color umbrella. There are more than 90 varieties and more than 500 colors. The smallest umbrella radius is only 15 cm, and the largest is 140 cm. Umbrellas are painted with flowers and birds, Cordyceps landscape, pavilions and other beautiful patterns, gorgeous. Rain is suitable, both can protect the rain, but also shade the sun, favored by Chinese and foreign tourists. Paper umbrellas can only be used in tung oil, so they are also called oil paper umbrellas. They have a long history, classical nostalgia, rich connotations and auspicious meanings. They are deeply loved by all kinds of people and integrate the ancient and modern oil paper umbrella culture. Can be summarized as: 1, on behalf of many children, many blessings. The umbrella frame is in the form of "man" (made up of dozens of characters); the traditional character of umbrella is "umbrella". From the perspective of traditional Chinese characters, it is the four small "human" characters below the head of the characters. The ancient meaning of "man" is "five children". 2. The umbrella bone is a bamboo, which represents a long life. The meaning of the festival. 3, umbrella for the circle, meaning happy, reunion, peace. 4, representing a hundred years of love. Since ancient oil paper umbrella deduces how many classic love: "White Snake Biography", Xu Xian and the White Snake in the West Lake broken Bridge with the red umbrella as a medium, the formation of ancient legend; Talent and Beauty is a symbol of Chinese love since ancient times. 5. Red is the traditional tone of our country, meaning big red big expensive, this is the big red umbrella spread for a hundred years of important reasons. 6, dispelling disasters and evil spirits, peace auspicious. In Chinese folklore, it is said that red and tung oil can eliminate disasters, ward off evil spirits, exorcise ghosts, and that paper umbrellas with red tung oil can be put at home, of course, peaceful and auspicious. 7, representing nostalgia and romance. Oil paper umbrella is the representative of nostalgic culture. Dai Wangshu "Rainy Lane", described the "ancient town Yuxiang oil paper umbrella beauty" beautiful romantic scene, even today this picture is still a beautiful romantic young people's hearts of the classic impression. 8, noble and elegant. Oil paper umbrella itself is rich in cultural connotations and strong cultural atmosphere. With oil paper umbrella decoration, under the light, classical romantic, noble and elegant. Cheongsam oil paper umbrella is a symbol of Chinese classical elegance and beauty. 9. In many places, the custom of using oil paper umbrellas to offer sacrifices to ancestors. Custom comes from the ancient Chinese emperor wearing a yellow umbrella, saying supreme. Offering oil paper umbrellas to ancestors or undead shows that they have a prominent position in the underworld, do not suffer and can be reincarnated as soon as possible. 10. In ancient China, there was a custom of going to Beijing for an examination or taking office, carrying a red oil-paper umbrella with you in addition to books on your back. Now many places, friends, parents, students to buy an oil paper umbrella, wish college entrance examination success. 11, happy. Red oil paper umbrella represents the celebration, now my country many places, do life, marry, have a child, housemove, Gao Sheng still keep the custom of sending oil paper umbrella. Our oil-paper umbrella specifications are different, can be customized according to customer requirements, price separately. Welcome to contact us!

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